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Our Lokalstream TV app is a live video streaming app for live broadcasts and original African content.


We offer State of the art live streaming and broadcast services, for large scale to small scale projects.


We offer advanced information technology services, supplies, Data Analytics and cloud technology consulting.

Internet & Telecoms

We provide broadband connectivity, VoIP cloud services, Fibre services and other internet-based solutions.

Cloud, Data +
I.T Consulting

Transform your business with our comprehensive cloud technology and data solutions, providing scalable infrastructure, seamless migration, robust security, and strategic consulting, alongside our cybersecurity and data services ensuring proactive threat detection, endpoint and network protection, compliance management, and incident response expertise.



We offer a range of telecommunication solutions. This includes voice and data services, mobile communication, and innovative telecommunication infrastructure to support the growing demand for seamless connectivity. We do Fibre Installation, Maintenance and Splicing for FTTH (Fibre To The Home) and FTTB (Fibre To The Business). We also supply and distribute telecommunications and technology equipment.



Experience seamless live stream broadcast services, delivering high-quality content with reliability and professionalism for a wide range of events including conferences, concerts, sports events, product launches, Interviews, podcasts, lectures and educational seminars.


Live streaming offers numerous advantages including global reach, cost-effectiveness, real-time audience interaction, on-demand accessibility, and professional production quality, making it an ideal choice for a variety of events and content delivery.


These are some of the brands / companies we have worked with.

Live Stream broadcast Price list

Prices may change according to client's different specifications and requirements.



  • For 1 Hour (recording)
  • Overtime = R650 per hour
  • Recorded at Our Broadcast studio
  • 3 camera Angles
  • Live Broadcast (If Required)
  • Audio and HD footage(3 cam)
  • No Graphics / Intro / Outro
  • No Final Editing
  • Basic Switching Only
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R7 500

  • For 4 Hours ( 8 hrs = R13 500)
  • Overtime = R 1500 per hour
  • 1 Camera Angle
  • 1 Technical Producer
  • No Mixing / Switching
  • Live stream to 1 Platform
  • No Intro/Outro
  • Company Logo/ Watermark
  • Copy of Live stream on Hard drive
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Live Stream (Standard)

R12 500

  • For 1- 4 hours (4-8 hours = R25 000)
  • Overtime =  R1800 per hour
  • 1 x Technical Producer
  • 2 x Camera Angles
  • Broadcast to Multiple Platforms
  • Intro/Outro/ Motion Graphics
  • Sponsors ad in Live Stream
  • Copy of Live Stream on Hard drive
  • Site Inspection (If required) 
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R23 500

  • 4 hours (8 hours = R46 500)
  • Overtime = R5800 per Hour
  • 1 x Technical Producer
  • 3-4 x Camera Angles
  • Live Stream to Multiple Platforms
  • Intro/Outro / Lower Thirds
  • Sponsors Ad in Live Stream
  • Copy of Live Stream on Hard Drive
  • Site Inspection (If required)
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